Ruud Dokter visits Tulla Utd for Coaches Workshop

Tulla United hosted Ruud Dokter FAI High Performance Director and Tom O'Shea Director of Grass Roots Football in Ireland for a PDP Coaches Workshop on Monday 20th February 2017 in the Cragg in Tulla. 46 Coaches mostly from Tulla but also included representative Coaches from other Clubs in Clare, Avenue Utd, Bridge Utd, Newmarket Celtic, Ennis Town, Mountshannon, Coole FC & Shannon Olympic.

Mike Hoey Chairman of the Club welcomed both Ruud and Tom to the Cragg and then welcomed all the Coaches to the Workshop. Tom O'Shea presented the first part of the evening which focused on the new FAI Coaching Pyramid which reflected the new changes and showed different pathways dependant on the Coaches career and development needs. This was a very informative and coach friendly change to the FAI pathway.

The second part of the evening brought the Players from Barry Murphy and Alan Byrnes U10's for a 5v5 demonstration which Ruud gave tips and information while being miked up, he showed how you can develop a session by encouraging and asking them problem solving questions that the players answered and implemented in the game situation without stopping the session and allowing the game to develop naturally.

This was followed by Clive Slater and Michael O'Sullivan U12 group for a 7v7 demonstration which again Ruud allowed the session to develop. Tom O'Shea was working the crowd with questions and answers to the work Ruud was doing out on the pitch. The players were excellent on the night and thoroughly enjoyed themselves and finished by giving Ruud high fives and getting a huge round of applause from the Coaches as they left the field.

The third part of the evening once every dried off was a Q & A on the session that had happened and then the focus turned to what and who are Coaches and their responsibilities to the Players, Parents and to themselves, this was informative as Coaches interacted with both Ruud and each other to understand everyone's role as Role model for all the players and the responsibility that each Coach has to every child and not just the best.

The evening was wrapped up by Coach Co Ordinator Mike Moloney who thanked both Ruud and Tom for a very enjoyable and informative evening. He thanked the Coaches from outside the Club for attending and wished them well and finally addressed the Tulla Coaches with the message that we must continue to develop ourselves for the benefit of every child in the Club.

The evening was rounded off with Sandwiches, biscuits, Teas and Coffees that were served by the Tulla Academy Administrator Marion. Much healthy discussion was had over the refreshments that were provided by the U14 Parents.

The Club wishes to thank Matt Purcell for providing the sound system, roving mikes for the evening. Also the Coaches and Players from the U10 & U12 Teams and lastly for those Coaches who made the effort to attend and making this a successful evening.

Tulla Utd Committee

Ruud Dokter visit to Tulla Utd

Coach Education Pathway

New Education Path is explained here

Attached here is session plan document created by the FAI to be shared with coaches. Also below is voice over of the pathway being explained in a Youtube video:

To book a course within the Association you can book through the following link:

FAI Coach Education Courses

Also, here is a link for FAI Licence coaches to sign up and login to a coaches session planning software which costs the coach €25 per annum for the licence to use the software:

This is an excellent resource to allow coaches to plan their training sessions and have them in a structured way to use in future sessions.

The FAI have introduced a New Methodology to the coaching pathway where coaches now enter through Reality Based Learning where coaches enter at the Age they are working with. A significant aspect of this is the fact that we have merged the Adult and Youth Intro Courses to allow for the youth coaches to gain an understanding of the adult game and equally for the adults to gain an understanding of the youth game. The aim is to bridge the gap between the youth and senior mature games and encourage a link between both to allow a better transition of youth players into the adult game. With this in mind there is a number of these courses planned for 2017 and I have attached the dates below for your convenience:

Upcoming Courses:
Youth Intro (31st March and 1st April)
Adult Intro (31st March and 1st April)

Adult Intro (12th and 13th May)
Youth intro (12th and 13th May)

If there is interest in getting a couses ran in Clare let us know and we will work with our local development officer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in organising this.



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